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Fetch Data Automatically In A Single Cell

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Confused hello forum members.
i have truck running data in km book sheet and outward book sheet as attached. i created a pivot table with sorted data in sheet8. next to pivot table i want to fetch data of column 1 in km book sheet after filtering and sorting data based on vehicle number and km the vehicle ran. i did one myself manually but its too complex to do. i also recorded macro for reference what to filter. after filtering i just entered data in cell i wanted to. but i want a vba code for this. how will i be able to know where my trucks operated between the two kilometeres in pivot data table. PLease help...
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It is difficult to know exactly the requirement from your detail; however it seems that you need to reference data from a separate workbook based on results of a pivot table filter.

In the this case, a referencing function may work using MATCH and INDEX or LOOKUP functions.
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