Converting Excel VBA for Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets

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Converting Excel Vba For Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets

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ShockedIn a similar fashion to NeoOffice for the Mac OS X, the multi-platform Lotus Symphony build of Open Office by IBM supports a subset of the Microsoft Excel Visual Basic for Applications library.

The Lotus Symphony office applications include Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations and are compatible on Windows, Linux and Macintosh operating systems.

In comparison to NeoOffice, which attempts to emulate Excel VBA when spreadsheets are opened, Lotus Symphony spreadsheets require VBA macros to be explicitly converted using an inbuilt engine.

These instructions relate to Lotus Symphony spreadsheets Beta released in September 2007.

To convert Microsoft Excel VBA macros to IBM Lotus Productivity Tools Basic:
  • Open the Excel spreadsheet in Lotus Symphony spreadsheets.
  • Select Tools > Macros > Macro.
  • Navigate to the module that needs to be converted and select Edit.
  • The Basic editor will open displaying the original Excel VBA Code.
  • There is a small square black button at the very right of the toolbar to convert the VBA code to IBM Lotus Productivity Tools Basic.
  • After the process has been run statistics are displayed detailing how many lines of VBA code were and were not converted.
  • The lines were not converted are simply commented out.

The conversion is not ideal, however, as it assumes that only one subroutine resides in each module. This is commonly not the case in Excel VBA projects.  Furthermore, the process cannot convert all VBA syntax and therefore depending on the complexity of the macro a lot of adaptation is required for the code to run smoothly in Lotus Symphony spreadsheets.

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