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If Condition

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ConfusedExcel Spreadsheet:
1 1 =if(a1=1,"one",if(a1=2,"two",if(a1=3,"three","four"))) 

i need one if to check all the above conditions
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you can use a function. see this url

copy paste this function preferabley in personal.xls file 

suppose A1 has 1 or 2 or 3 etc type in B1
do you get what you want. 

Private Function ConvertDigit(ByVal MyDigit)

Select Case Val(MyDigit)

            Case 1: ConvertDigit = "One"

            Case 2: ConvertDigit = "Two"

            Case 3: ConvertDigit = "Three"

            Case 4: ConvertDigit = "Four"

            Case 5: ConvertDigit = "Five"

            Case 6: ConvertDigit = "Six"

            Case 7: ConvertDigit = "Seven"

            Case 8: ConvertDigit = "Eight"

            Case 9: ConvertDigit = "Nine"

            Case Else: ConvertDigit = ""

         End Select

End Function

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