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Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for forecasting time series projections and prediction. These Excel solutions are designed to assist in maximizing the predictive strength of projecting and forecasting activities and can be used to provide a solid basis for justifying forecasts of time series data used in business case and investment proposals. Excel templates and solutions employ prediction and forecasting techniques to produce forward looking analysis that can used with quantitative confidence under robust methodologies and statistical significance testing.

Featured Product:
 The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template provides a solid basis for identifying value drivers and forecasting business plan data. Advanced statistical tests performed include significance, auto correlation, and multicollinearity.
Views: 20,701Rating:
4 from 7 votes
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 Time Series Forecasting Templates include: Simple exponential smoothing, Smoothing linear, exponential, and damped trends, and two additional models for managing seasonal adjustments.
Views: 36,929Rating:
3.4 from 9 votes
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 The Forecasting Add-in for Excel is based on neural networks and an ideal solution for Excel users who need a reliable and intuitive forecasting tool for Excel.
Views: 12,485Rating:
2.5 from 2 votes
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 Excel Neural Network Forecasting is a neural network forecasting tool that quickly and accurately solves forecasting and estimation problems in Microsoft Excel.
Views: 11,912Rating:
4.6 from 5 votes
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 The Macroeconomic Model for Excel is a customizable Excel template to simulate macroeconomic variable trends based on assumptions and configuration options.
Views: 5,543Rating:
4 from 3 votes
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 The Statistics Add-in for Excel provides a set of accurate and reliable statistical analysis functions to Excel for performing analytical tasks such as those required for forecasting and prediction.
Views: 4,921Rating:
3.5 from 4 votes
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 Mac Data Analysis for Excel is a powerful data mining, analysis and prediction solution for the Macintosh operation system and integrated with Excel 2004, 2008 and 2011 for Mac.
Views: 4,236Rating:
3 from 2 votes
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 Time Series Analysis for Excel is an Excel add-in for performing detailed econometric and time series for forecasting with model diagnostics of residuals.
Views: 3,624Rating:
3 from 2 votes
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 Excel 3D Bubble Charts is an Excel is a powerful data visualization add-in for Excel with 5 dimensions including X, Y and Z axes with bubble size and color.
Views: 2,131Rating:
4.5 from 8 votes
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