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Download Company Data

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 Download Company Data for Excel provides access to company snapshot data including stock quotes, price and volume history, revenue, earnings, estimates, and seasonality data.

Download Company Data for Excel is ideal for evaluating whether to buy a stock by displaying a quick overview of all the relevant data on that stock on a single page. Download Company Data for Excel is an incredibly powerful and efficient tool providing a detailed overview of any publicly traded company including:
  • Pricing Data
  • Pricing Trends with Price and Volume history
  • Fundamentals
  • Earnings/EPS Estimates
  • Analyst Research and Industry Projections
  • Dividend Information
  • Key Ratios
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Quarterly Financial Data
  • Annual Financial Data
  • Financial Trends
  • Insider Trades
  • ECN Quote Data
  • Reference Data
  • 2 years of Price History
  • 20 most recent headlines

Simply enter a stock ticker and the Download Company Data for Excel downloads the data.

This Excel add-in also utilizes an embedded 'LinkBuilder' functionality which provides you with context sensitive navigation to over 250 destination points on the internet.


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