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Advanced Graphs

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 Advanced Graphs for Excel (DPlot) is a comprehensive application with an Excel add-in specifically designed for creation advanced data analysis and visualization graphs and charts. The advanced graphs are ideal for analyzing manufacturing and engineering processes but can be equally applied to any type of data analysis such as technical writing, digital recording, mathematics teaching, software development, soil engineering and geology, and hydraulic engineering.

Advanced Graphs for Excel can produce presentation quality graphs from Excel data quickly, including many graph types not available in Excel such as polar charts, triangle plots, Mercator projections, grain size distributions and many more.

Key features of Advanced Graphs for Excel include:
  • Works with all versions of Excel from 95 and above.
  • Creates professional presentation quality advanced graphs.
  • Creates contour plots of 3 and 4-D data.
  • Can use multiple selections if data columns are not adjacent or data is arranged as expected.
  • Data is passed as floating point numbers internally is independent of the formatting.
  • Blank cells are interpreted correctly instead of assuming zero values.

The software application has many different graph types and key advanced graphs for the Excel add-in include:
  • XYXY - Select alternating X,Y columns to produce an XY plot (Column selections may have differing numbers of rows). Use a logarithmic or probability scale on either axis or to display the data as a bar chart, polar chart, or any of the other graph types supported. Customize the line style, symbol style, line width, symbol height, or color of any curve on the graph.  
  • XYYY - Same as the XYXY but X is taken from the first selected column and all subsequently selected columns are Y values for separate curves. If only one column is selected, it is assumed to be Y values and X is generated, starting at 0 and incremented by 1. Y columns may have blank cells.     
  • X, Y, Label - Creates 1 curve on an XY plot with X taken from the first selected column. Y is taken from the second selected column, and text labels in the third column. Label cells may be blank.     
  • Bar chart - Creates a bar chart with non-numeric labels on the X axis and 1 or more groups of amplitudes.
  • Bar chart, data in rows - Same as Bar chart command, with data sets in the same row rather than the same column.     
  • One Curve Per Row - Similar to XYXY, but data is arranged by rows rather than columns, with alternating X and Y values in adjacent columns. Each row is used to produce one curve.
  • XYZ Surface - Select an X, a Y, and a Z column (one or more selections) to produce a 3D surface plot.
  • XYZ Scatter - Select one or more groups of X, Y, Z columns and produce a 3D scatter plot, one data set per X, Y, Z group.     
  • Z Grid - Select a table with X in the first row, Y in the first column, and the remainder of the table filled with Z values for the corresponding X and Y to produce a 3D surface plot.   
  • Z Scatter Table - Similar to Z Grid but produces a scatter plot rather than a surface plot.
  • One D - Select one or more columns of amplitudes and produce a box-and-whisker plot.

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