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Solver add-in problem

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Solver Add-in Problem

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ok i've been working on this one for ages and i can't seem to crack it.
i have customer ID's listed down the far left hand colum
the rooms names are featured along the top row.
the customers have been asked to order their preferences for rooms from 1-10, 1 being the most preferred.
each customer must not be allocated a room worse than their 6th preference
and customers F and I must receive their first preferences, and the problem must be solved using the solver add-in.

any help would be greatly, greatly, greatly appreciated!
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Hi Nicole, I realise this is an old problem and you might have solved it yourself or have had it solved elsewhere but I have attempted this problem. My solution is as follows. Room 1 not assigned, room 2 =G, room 3 = F, room 4 = not assigned, room 5 assigned to B AND C, room 6 not assigned, room 7 = A, room 8 = H AND I, room 9 D AND E, room 10 = J. I didn't see a constraint that says unoccupied and double occupancy are banned and SOLVER gives me the above. I would love to see the correct answer IN CASE THE ABOVE IS RUBBISH!
I will share my Excel fille too if you want.
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