Reviewed by Project Coordinator on 09-Feb-2018:
Being used during the trial and really looks smart. The point is that it can be as complex as you'll need, getting a good approach to easy solutions.
Reviewed by Chuck on 18-Oct-2016:
After reviewing several options to expensive project management software, Business Spreadsheets Excel Project Management template proved to be the best - and it wasn't even close. It's incredibly in-depth, yet easy to use. I highly recommend Business Spreadsheets and their products to anyone.
Reviewed by John Zapata on 18-Oct-2016:
This project management template is a great tool and easy to use.
Reviewed by JB65 on 18-Aug-2016:
I have looked everywhere for an Excel based program that would help me manage projects.This sheet has it all and is working great with Resources, Scheduling, Tasks and not to mention the budgeting and cost portion. I would highly recommend it.
Reviewed by Cheryl P on 12-Jul-2016:
The Excel project management template is the best project management spreadsheet I have found after testing and reviewing several other (higher priced) solutions. They have created a simple and easy to use spreadsheet that has a lot of features. It has helped me with a very difficult task of keeping all of our projects and employees organized. A must have for any business that needs to keep track of projects and keep them flowing.