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Workbook and VBA Examples

Excel workbook and vba examples for training and tutorials

Excel Workbook and VBA Examples

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The Workbook and VBA Examples for Excel is a download package including 33 fully accessible Workbook examples that cover topics such as:
  • Vlookup
  • Match
  • Index
  • Functions
  • Advanced Filter
  • Validation
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Custom VBA Functions
  • VBA Functions
  • Listbox
  • Combobox
  • Working with Excel Menus in VBA
  • Printing Long List Code
  • Dynamic Named Ranges

The Workbook examples for Excel includes a Workbook with special tips on Conditional Formatting, Vlookup, Validation, Dynamic Ranges within a range and some creative uses for Checkboxes.

The Workbook with VBA Macro examples for Excel includes a User Defined Function (UDF) to Count ,Sum and Sort by color; generate x non-repeating random numbers between a top and bottom range; and find the specified occurrence matching criteria from two columns. There are step-by-step instructions on how to add descriptions to UDF's and how to create their category.

There are further VBA Macro examples on how to:
  • Create a dynamic 'Sheet Navigator' that is added to the standard right click Pop-up menu.
  • Create a simple UserForm that is linked to a data table.
  • Determine which VBA function to use when there is no equivalent WorksheetFunction.

Also included is the informative 'Excel and Excel VBA Tips and Tricks' documentation and the downloadable book in Windows help format titled 'Time Saving Microsoft Excel Solutions'.

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