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Financial Analysis Templates

Excel financial analysis templates for financial analysis

Excel Financial Analysis Templates

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Financial Analysis Templates for Excel are Excel templates designed to be applied to business and financial analysis. This extensive collection contains multiple Excel templates/workbooks for business finance applications and financial analysis.

Financial Analysis Templates for Excel help to plan business finances and budgets, analyze and track fixed assets, cash flows and investment projects net present values and internal rate of return.

Included in the financial analysis template library are the following Excel templates offered as a comprehensive bundle here at a considerable discount to the combined prices. Links are provided here, where available, to read more about each template or purchase individually.

Free Excel templates
Financial Analysis Templates for Excel also includes free templates:
  • Business templates with open formulas (What if analysis; Securities and Investment analysis; Capital Projects; Balance Sheet analysis; Borrowing Capacity; Balanced Scorecard; and Useful Tools for Excel)
  • Quick Statistic Analysis for Business and Investments.
  • Real Estate IRR.
  • Fifty five extra financial functions (VBA) add-in.
  • Upgrade versions for all programs and files.
  • Full 24/7 support.
  • Five years extended download service.

Excel Templates for Cash Flow Forecasting
Cash Flow Templates provide cash flow reports and forecasts to forecast exact cash positions ahead with quick look up of any daily balance 1-120 days forward using simple listings of payable and receivables. This includes consolidation of five subsidiary offices or divisional daily cash reports into one combined cash flow report.

Financial Ratio Calculations
Calculates over forty financial ratios to monitor company performance obtained from two monthly period balance sheet figures, income statements and cash flow templates. Ratios supplied include profit ratios, return on assets, return on equity, economic value added, return on invested capital, working capital ratios, cash flow ratios, operating ratios, asset ratios, inventory ratios, payable and receivable ratios, acid test, quick ratio, debt ratios, solvency ratios, DuPont Ratios, and Core Ratios.

Universal Pricing Calculations
The Universal Pricing Excel Templates calculate price - demand elasticities and relationships and uses standard accounting formulas to give the exact price which will produce the maximum profit for any product.

Net Present Value (NPV) and Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
The NPV and IRR Excel templates calculate the NPV/ROIC and IRR of business investments, and provide calculators to work out the present value of future receivables or payables and the present value of future cash flows.

Asset Register
The Asset Register can be used within any country with S/L depreciation rules. Calculates straight line monthly depreciation and book values by item and by asset category (office supplies, computers, equipment, etc). The Summary report combines depreciation totals , book values, disposals to the current or adjusted month end date. The capacity is up to 10,000 asset records plus 25 asset categories. Depreciation calculations can be switched backwards or forwards in time.

Investment Calculation and Analysis
The Investment Calculation templates provide over 40 spreadsheets, calculators, tables and business databases that help you apply the time base value of calculating investments returns and present values of future payments and receipts. Templates include project investment analysis modeling, NPV/IRR/ROIC analysis, plus bond amortization and rate of return.

Company Budgeting Templates
Provides linked monthly budgeting for any 12 month period. Starting any date, divisional budgets can be created to report actual and variances, allocate overheads to divisions, set differing cost of sales for each revenue line and generate a year to date budget report.

Financial Plan Forecasting
Allows the creation of a 5 year monthly profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts by creating simple monthly budgets. Setting up a start date, capital budget and optional share issues enables the automatic calculation of detailed financial plans.

Investment and Company Valuation
These spreadsheet templates calculate the present value of any investment project or company based on cash flows and income forecasts. Revenue and EBITDA valuation benchmarks are provided for 100 business sectors help secure a current valuation based the financial forecasts. Share/equity valuation is included. Valuation can be based on five, ten, fifteen and twenty year forecasting ranges.

Standard Costing Templates
The Excel costing templates assign individual or average costs to production or services and apply overhead recovery including depreciation to each product or service. The analysis includes benchmarking to other company cost expense ratios.

Quick 5-Year Financial Plan with Ratios
Provides month by month budgets that extrapolate to produce five year monthly income statements, balance sheets and cash flow forecasts, bank balances and shareholder returns. Includes Executive Summary for an overview of key five year financial data with ratios. These templates are ideal for shareholders, investors, banks, business owners, and managers.

Inventory Scheduling
Organizes product delivery timetables and stock level forecasting schedules. These spreadsheets indicate when to issue purchase order to sustain minimum stock balances. Closing weekly inventory balance forecasts are also calculated.

Lease and Loan Calculation
Calculates and combines current period payments of principal and interest, provides outstanding balances, months remaining, payments remaining and asset book values under straight line or declined balance depreciation schedules.

Other Excel templates for financial analysis included:
  • Sales and Demand Forecasting.
  • Currency Conversion Option - convert analysis at chosen exchange rate (Currency rate updates are provided).
  • Employee Time Records.
  • Product Price Lists.
  • Loan Terms and Client Contracts.
  • Monthly and Annual Financial Ratios with Tutorials.
  • Fixed Cost Reduction with Tutorials.
  • Loan Amortization and Analysis.
  • Real Estate Valuation and Analysis.

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