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Data Merge

Excel data merge for data management

Excel Data Merge

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Data Merge for Excel analyzes multiple worksheets of tabulated data and merges desired content into one worksheet based on key columns identified. Data Merge for Excel is similar to a VLOOKUP function or UNION query statement except that it is more powerful, faster and simple.

As an example, Data Merge for Excel is ideal when there is a need to compare price lists from different suppliers providing the same goods or to put together information from several small worksheets into one worksheet. Data Merge for Excel can process large amounts of data without spending much time or effort.

Data Merge for Excel requires specifying index columns of the source worksheets (they determine the unique position in the worksheet) and the links (a link shows which index column from the first worksheet corresponds to the index column from the second worksheet). Each source file can contain one or more index columns. The resulting merged data file is generated by matching values of the index columns via the links between them.

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