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Change Formula References

Excel change formula references for model building

Excel Change Formula References

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The Excel Add-in to Change Formula References can very quickly change thousands of formula references to a specified criterion. The change to formula references can be applied at three different levels:
  • Selected cells only
  • Entire Active Sheet
  • Entire Workbook

The Excel Add-in to Change Formula References also includes a Sheet Index Creator. The Sheet Index Creator Excel Add-in allows to easily create an Index Sheet that has click-able links to all sheets. It also has the option of placing a 'Back to Index' link on all the sheets. This functionality is useful for workbooks with a large number of worksheets and dramatically facilitates navigation throughout the workbook.

The Excel Add-in to Change Formula References is also available in the following discounted bundled offer: Productivity Add-ins Collection for Excel

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Price: USD 24.95
(Updated on 2018-09-21)

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