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Data Management Add-ins

Excel data management add-ins for model building

Excel Data Management Add-ins

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The Data Management Add-ins for Excel are a suite of add-ins designed to save time in building Excel models and managing data in Excel. The add-ins provide useful tools that go beyond the standard features of Excel and address commonly demanded tasks.

Key features of the Data Management Add-ins for Excel include:

  • Create a contents menu with links to worksheets for faster working.
  • Bring reminder messages into Excel.
  • Display formulas list with links to each formula to make editing and locating formula errors much faster.
  • Provides more cell range options than provided by standard functionality.
  • Convert imported numbers into true Excel formats.
  • Hide zeros, text, numbers, negatives, positives with one click.
  • Create 365 day calendars.
  • Manage duplicates, find and delete duplicates in lists.
  • Convert vertical data into horizontal rows with one click.
  • Copy data ranges to a different part of a workbook keeping the original cell references.  
  • Reduce files to save disk space.

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