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Sales and Marketing Templates

Excel sales and marketing templates for sales and marketing

Excel Sales and Marketing Templates

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The Sales and Marketing Pack is an excellent solution for operating a more proficient marketing or sales department. This collection of Excel templates offers you tools and forms to create a foundation for effective control and management today.

Key Resources include:
  • The Credit Application for business-to-business credit applications with Credit History to help you keep track of a customer's past credit performance.
  • The Direct Marketing Program Analysis helps calculate the revenues, costs, and the break-even point associated with each marketing program.
  • The Historical Cash Flow creates parallel monthly cash flow statements.
  • The Mileage Tracker keeps track of traveling expenses.
  • Monthly Sales Projections helps project sales and compare them to actual sales.
  • The Project Report helps report your project milestones and accomplishments.
  • The Project Cost Summary records project costs and compares them to actual project costs.
  • The Quotation Request presents detailed project tasks and costs.
  • The Sales Commission Report tracks a sales representative's information necessary to calculate a commission.
  • Sales Goals tracks monthly sales targets for several products and compares them to the actual data.
  • The Sales Planning Worksheet plans weekly sales through revenue and expense activities per representative.
  • The Sales Prospect Form is used to record contact and correspondence information on a sales prospect.
  • The Sales Projection Form is a form to forecast product sales via existing and new customers and planned versus actual figures.

For whom: Great for small business owners, sales executives, sales & marketing managers, entrepreneurs and others

What it does: It provides with more than ten highly functional templates to manage sales and marketing activities at your company.

Designed by: MBAs with dozens of years of sales and marketing experience. Design is based on expert marketing models followed by thousands of successful business professionals.

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