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2010 Training Courses

Excel 2010 training courses for training and tutorials

Excel 2010 Training Courses

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The Excel 2010 training courses provide and interactive environment to learn and master the use and features of Excel 2010. The training courses are divided into 3 levels for introduction to the Excel 2010 application environment, intermediate user lessons and advanced features for data and business analysis. The training courses are designed to be undertaken in a logical order to master all features of Excel 2010 and become proficient in using Excel for analysis and reporting.

Excel 2010 introductory training courses include:
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Data entry and editing Worksheet navigation and basic settings
  • Cell range selection
  • Manipulation with cell ranges
  • Cell inserting and deleting
  • Text and cell formatting
  • Number, Date and Time formats
  • Formatting with the style gallery
  • Working with files and windows
  • Printing smaller tables
  • The AutoSum button and formula copying
  • Custom formula creation
  • Working with functions
  • Chart creation
  • Chart formatting
  • Proofing  and revision
  • Basic Excel settings
  • Getting help for Excel 2010

Excel 2010 intermediate training courses include:
  • Locking and protection
  • Advanced cell formatting
  • Conditional and custom formatting
  • Creating and using templates
  • Workbook properties and work with sheets
  • Sharing workbooks and tracking changes
  • Comments and workbooks comparing
  • Copying options, orders and lists
  • Formula creation and absolute links
  • Errors and formulas dependencies
  • Connected sheets and workbooks
  • The IF, MIN, and COUNT functions
  • Functions and formulas used for Date and Time data
  • Functions for working with text
  • Rounding off
  • Financial functions
  • Techniques of work with relation tables
  • Data validation and sorting
  • Go To, Find and Replace tools
  • Printing larger tables
  • AutoFilters
  • Criteria table and advanced filter
  • Database functions
  • Outlines and totals
  • Splitting text into columns
  • Pivot tables
  • Editing pivot tables and charts
  • Advanced chart editing

Excel 2010 advanced training courses include:
  • Work with range names
  • Form creation in a sheet
  • Protection options within workbooks
  • Conditional calculations
  • Conditional calculations using SUMIF and COUNTIF
  • Working with an array
  • Calculation criteria in database functions
  • Using functions for searching in tables
  • Data importing
  • Work with Microsoft Query
  • Complicated queries in Microsoft Query
  • Data merging
  • Sheet scenarios
  • Resolver
  • What-if analysis and goal seek
  • Statistical methods and functions Macros recording and usage
  • The VBA code view and editing
  • Webpages, links and e-mail sending
  • File security
  • Permission control
  • Introduction to XML
  • Working with data in the XML format

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