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Worksheet Selection

Excel worksheet selection for model building

Excel Worksheet Selection

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The Worksheet Selection add-in for Excel adds an innovative 'menu dimension' into a workbook's worksheet organization. As worksheets are organized into a menu, this significantly improves the management of worksheets and information within Excel models.

Key Features of the the Worksheet Selection add-in for Excel include:
  • Worksheets can be organized under categories (buttons of the menu).
  • Navigation through the worksheet tabs becomes fast and easy ( from a few sheets to many).
  • The tab names become legible immediately.
  • The Worksheet Selection add-in for Excel allows a more rational distribution of the data into several sheets.
  • Worksheets can be linked to several buttons and be sorted differently in each button of the menu.

The Worksheet Selection add-in for Excel helps to organize, update, analyze and show data and graphs much more efficiently within Excel based models.

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(Updated on 2018-02-01)

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