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All prices for product registration codes are displayed in US dollars. Licensing costs for the Excel templates are one time only with unlimited free upgrades as new versions become available. Options for purchasing in multiple currencies (USD, €, £, CAD, AUD and more) with a wide range of payment methods (including Paypal) are available.

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Excel Project Management Template

The Excel Project Management template is a generic and simple to use solution for the efficient planning, management and ongoing monitoring of projects from start to finish. For both Windows and Mac OS versions of Microsoft Excel.

USD 26.00

Excel Business Valuation Template

The Excel Investment and Business Valuation template facilitates the valuation of proposed investment projects or existing businesses for a variety of financial decision making scenarios. For both Windows and Mac OS versions of Microsoft Excel.

USD 26.00

Excel Real Options Valuation Template

The Excel Real Options Valuation template combines several option pricing tools to calculate the strategic value realizable from proposed projects or existing investment scenarios. For both Windows and Mac OS versions of Microsoft Excel.

USD 26.00

Excel Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting Template

The Excel Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template provides a basis for identifying value drivers and predictive relationships with data feature selection to provide a statistically robust and reliable forecasting solution. For both Windows and Mac OS versions of Microsoft Excel.

USD 19.00

Excel Portfolio Performance Tracking Template

The Excel Portfolio Performance Tracking template monitoring the ongoing performance a portfolio of financial investments by providing periodic valuation with time weighted returns. For both Windows and Mac OS versions of Microsoft Excel.

USD 22.00

Excel Portfolio Optimization Template

The Excel Portfolio Optimization template establishes optimal capital weightings for financial and business portfolios with optimized technical indicator constants based on maximum back tested returns. For both Windows and Mac OS versions of Microsoft Excel.

USD 26.00

Excel Invoice Template

The Excel Invoice template is a comprehensive customer invoicing system to invoice customers for orders as well manage and save product and customer information and perform sales order reporting. For both Windows and Mac OS versions of Microsoft Excel.

USD 26.00

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Latest Customer Testimonials

Regression Analysis and Forecasting Template
"I used the regression forecasting for my medical research (clinical studies in ophthalmology). Absolutely user-friendly and fast tool that allowed me to quickly understand the key parameters influencing the outcome of a certain surgical procedure. Thank you!"
(by VDK on 29-Aug-2016)

Project Management Template
"I have looked everywhere for an Excel based program that would help me manage projects.This sheet has it all and is working great with Resources, Scheduling, Tasks and not to mention the budgeting and cost portion. I would highly recommend it."
(by JB65 on 18-Aug-2016)

Portfolio Optimization Template
"A really great tool. I studied finance and looked for a tool like this to apply portfolio optimization. Great work at a great price and a must have. "
(by Felix on 05-Aug-2016)

Project Management Template
"The Excel project management template is the best project management spreadsheet I have found after testing and reviewing several other (higher priced) solutions. They have created a simple and easy to use spreadsheet that has a lot of features. It has helped me with a very difficult task of keeping all of our projects and employees organized. A must have for any business that needs to keep track of projects and keep them flowing."
(by Cheryl P on 12-Jul-2016)

Portfolio Optimization Template
"This product has exceeded expectations - excellent value for the features as well as very timely support by the developer whenever any questions were asked. I have used this to model correlations for 20 funds to decide optimized allocations to each. The tool allows optimizing based on various criteria such as Maximum Sharpe or Minimum Risk. A nice feature is the ability to choose different combinations along the efficient frontier in case one of the preset criteria (e.g. Minimum risk) is not desired. Recommended without reservation for anyone looking for a simple, inexpensive tool that can be functional as well as educational for those looking to brush up their portfolio construction knowledge."
(by Sam R on 12-Jul-2016)

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