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Excel costing templates for financial analysis

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Costing Templates

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 The Costing Templates for Excel assign individual or average costs to production or services and apply overhead recovery including depreciation to each product or service.

Key Features of the Costing Templates for Excel include:
  • Includes benchmarking of other company cost expense ratios.
  • Calculates depreciation rate per hour for assets in use.
  • Calculates material costs.
  • Calculates employee costs.
  • Calculates the full hourly paid rate per employee.

The Costing Templates for Excel set up a standard costings for products or services with budget items:
  • Budget direct employee hours.
  • Budget indirect employee hours.
  • Budget raw material cost rates and total costs.
  • Budget equipment hours.
  • Allocate overhead costs.

The Costing Templates for Excel automates the calculations of standard costs for any product of service.

The currency can be changed to any symbol by opening the Format menu in Excel and selecting Cells from the drop down list.

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