Multiple Regression Forecasting

Excel multiple regression forecasting for forecasting and prediction

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Multiple Regression Forecasting

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 The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting model provides a solid basis for identifying value drivers and forecasting business plan data. While it utilizes a range of commonly employed statistical measures to test the validity of the analysis, results are summarized in text for ease of use. Once relationships have been identified, forecasting can be accomplished based on a range of available methodologies. The intuitive step-by-step usage flow enables you to develop strong forecasts for your projects in a timely manner. The key features of the Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting model include:
  • Ease and flexibility of input, with embedded help prompts.
  • User-friendly results display for the 'Non-statistician'.
  • Multiple and individual regression of independent variables.
  • Tests for statistical significance, autocorrelation and multicollinearity.
  • Quick forecasting process with options to employ 3rd polynomial, 2nd polynomial, exponential or linear trend lines on independent variables.
  • Compatible with all versions of Excel for Windows as well as Excel for Mac 2011 and 2004 as a cross platform data analysis and forecasting solution.

More resources for the Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template including video, user manual and support can be found on the Excel Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting Template page.

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Price: USD 14.00

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User Reviews for Excel Multiple Regression Forecasting:
Reviewed by Lavelle Dues on
Business Spreadsheets Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting spreadsheet was amazingly accurate and simple. I'm an analyst by trade and utilize Minitab extensively which is an expensive software and I have only one license. So, I needed a tool that was affordable and accurate. Additionally, I wanted the ability to conduct MLR but simplify the training of new employees. This tool helped my employees of 3 months to perform MLR (5 variables) while providing easy interpretation of the results. Through this analysis we were able to build a model with adjusted r-squared of 85.5% and effect significant improvements. Thanks Business Spreadsheets.
Reviewed by Professional Man on
After reviewing many products online, I think that the multiple regression analysis tool is one of the best in its class. Many times worth its value.

Reviewed by Suhaimie Saidi on
Forecasting economic data, especially those that influenced the market, has never been easier for me ever since I tried this product. Though I'm a lifetime student of economics, the instructions given in this model are very helpful indeed. I also appreciate that it provides more illustrative examples to explain what the important considerations are before a regression analysis is performed, and how the results should be interpreted. The spreadsheet does come in handy and saves a lot of precious time.

Reviewed by Fahim Hasan on
Excellent tool. Statistics can be very intimidating. The tool helps explain the regression model in its entirety. We teach our people to use Mintab. However, this is an outstanding training aid in interpretation of the results.

Reviewed by Edward on
It is easy to understand and user friendly. All of the tests are very relevant in doing a forecast.

Reviewed by Michael Simpson on
I downloaded the trial version of Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting following a recommendation from a fellow commercial appraiser. I've taken some appraisal classes on multiple regression before but I didn't feel that trying to build a spreadsheet was the best use of my time. So far this product has been easy to use and understand. The tooltips are helpful in trying to remember what each result really means (t-stat, p value, etc.). I think this is definitely going to become part of my toolkit when trying to develop adjustments for real estate appraisals, as well as recognizing when certain variables don't really make a difference.

Reviewed by Nadios on
This is an excellent solution that is very useful for people interested in performing meta-analysis. It is user friendly, easy to use and saves a lot of time when performing statistical calculations. It is much better than other software I've tried on the market. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed by Walt T on
I have used the Multiple Regression Analysis spreadsheet for many years and found it to be very comprehensive and simple to use. This has lead me to use other Business Spreadsheets products and I've always been very pleased with each. Most importantly, I have found that the technical support from Business Spreadsheets to be both extremely helpful and very timely. I would recommend anyone use their products.

Reviewed by Erin on
This worksheet is a great addition to the already amazing Project Planning and Management workbook. The user-friendly format and help functions are a great addition to the spreadsheets. Thank you.

Reviewed by Mike Schill on
I love this tool - very simple and easy to use. This gave me the results I wanted quickly.

Reviewed by V K on
I was in search of a tool that establishes a relationship between multiple independent variables with one dependent variable through regression analysis and this tool offered this solution along with the forecast option. It is a very simple to use tool that provides all of the relevant regression analysis data along with actual versus predicted graph and option to generate forecast data.

Reviewed by Zdenek Chaloupka on
The multiple regression forecasting template is perfect for data analyses.

Reviewed by Jim on
I currently used Multiple Regression for a investment opportunity for my bakery. This software illustrated the benefits I have for expanding my business in areas lacking this venture which in turn would tremendously increase my overall revenue in 5 years.

Reviewed by Harry Davis on
This is a good product well worth the small $14 cost. I have tested it for real estate analysis and it works great. For the newbie, it is very easy to use and it contains a lot clickable explanatory information to help you understand how the process works and to understand the results. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to grasp the drivers behind the value of products and services.

You may also find that there are few if any other readily available sources for this type of spreadsheet. You'll spend a lot of time hunting down alternatives and end up wishing you had just bought this one! You can download a free evaluation copy with plenty of time to learn and test it.

Finally, I had a question about the product and received a response in less than 24 hours. This indicates that the makers actually do provide you with support, which is a far cry above what you get with so many other low cost products being sold on the web. Good product and good service.

Reviewed by VKapasi on
Wow. I have been using statistics for few years and I have tracking this application for couple of days to see what it offered. Downloaded trial version and loved it. Very simple and easy to use.

Reviewed by George F on
A time tested and valuable resource for determining price trends and forecasts for stocks, indexes, or futures. Very intuitive, easy to set-up and use. Many unique features and abilities, such as price forecasting.

Reviewed by Bill Childs on
I've been using this tool to help with admissions forecasting for a university, and have found it to be intuitive and highly functional. Very happy to recommend it.

Reviewed by Jeffee on
This regression platform just made my job wonderfully easy and fun. I work with an agency that is trying to revive its revenue forecasting unit and this product has simplified my task with its user friendly nature. Thanks guys.

Reviewed by Johanna Meier on
This tool is absolutely helpful, if you just want to calculate a linear regression without having SPSS, which is a lot more expensive. I use it just some days, but when it helps me a lot. Totally advisable.

Reviewed by TigerW11 on
Wonderful forecasting tool that makes it easier to evaluate an investment strategy. Great spreadsheet model.

Reviewed by John L on
This product has saved me an untold amount of time. I work in the financial industry and work with stacks of data that I have been looking to apply multiple regression analysis to. And this product does the task near perfectly. I am able to see more definitively now correlations that may or may not exist between multiple data sets. And this has helped when making trading decisions. Thank you!

Reviewed by Andrew on
Very happy with this product. Features such as tests for multicolinearity between independent variables, autocorrelation, and the Durbin-Watson statistic make this package superior to other solutions I've seen on the market.

Reviewed by Joginder Kumar on
I used this package for analyzing WPI and forecasting interest rates. This is a very good Excel based software. Joginder Kumar - Economist (India)

Reviewed by Lenay Richardson on
I am taking a course in Econometrics and am really impressed with the simplicity of the product. Not being a mathematical genius, it was very easy for me to navigate through the program and obtain the regression that I needed for an assignment. Thank you, Lenay.

Reviewed by Dyah N on
This spreadsheet has been a big help in analyzing a medium size amount of data. It saves time as well.

Reviewed by Martin on
Excellent product easy to use, providing the exact information and the trends.

Reviewed by Marz on
This is an excellent Excel program, because of the way it is made it is simple to understand and use. The initial interface couldn't be easier to understand, one column for you dependent variable, and an almost limitless amount of independent variables. It calculates all the basics correctly and exactly like R^2, Adjusted R^2, Standard Error, and the F-Statistic. I particularly enjoyed the simplicity of the projection. This program helped me pass an exam easily because I could dedicate more time to studying another variety of problems.

Reviewed by Rakesh on
I found this software very effective for my research. Additional features are incorporated in this software like equations giving 3, 2 or exponential order forecasting options.

Reviewed by MarkDex on
This is a perfect tool to be used in tracking savings and predicting Energy Use by hospitality facilities with variation in weather and occupancy levels. I am using Heating Degree Days; Cooling Degree Days and Guest Days as independent variables with the amount of Energy Used (kWh) as the dependent variable. The tool seems very easy to use with quick input tools and to be able to quickly manipulate data to determine the best prediction and evaluating relationship.

Reviewed by Chi-Square on
I really like the template. It is very useful especially to me now that I am having difficulties in computing regression models. I am very happy that my friend recommended me your site because it really helps me a lot in my computations. I will surely recommend this tool to my other classmates who also experience difficulties in regression analysis and modeling.

Reviewed by Todd Bomberg on
I used the Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting tool to analyze a set of fuel performance information on various heavy duty trucks. The tool was critical to me in starting my fuel efficiency business. The product was very easy to use and includes an extremely helpful graphical summary sheet showing the statistical relationship among all independent variables. I found this tool indispensable and look forward to using it in my daily business.

Reviewed by Quantam on
This is an excellent tool for multiple regressions. Very easy to use and the output is explained very well. The forecasting ability makes it even more useful and the fact that it also takes multicolinearity into account makes it robust.

Reviewed by Mark Addy on
I have been using the Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template since the last two weeks and I found it excellent. I am using it to find out the relationship between certain market drivers and the number of agricultural machinery used in China, as part of a market research project.

The template is structured very clearly and is easy to use with immediate results.

I would definitely recommend this product to anybody who is looking for a useful tool to do regression analysis.

Reviewed by Bobdylan1955 on
This product is right on the money. For my buck and typical consulting needs I'd rather use this template than a much much costlier SPSS, since this one is very easy to use and intuitive. It is more than enough for me to perform day-to-day regression modeling. And provides the essential correlation tests. Excellent job.

Reviewed by On The Other Hand on
The Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting template is an elegantly simple way to view what many see as a fairly complex forecasting methodology. Not only is the template robust and easy to use, but the "help" buttons describe in plain English what each data point is doing and how to use the information presented.

There were a couple of formatting bugs in the template that I would have liked to have had access to change but nothing that kept me from getting the data I was looking for.

Overall, great work, the template has certainly come in handy several times when we wanted to quickly check relationships within our existing data.

Reviewed by Mary on
This is a very user friendly tool. It is clear how to enter the data, and with the click of a button, the regression results are updated. This is a very powerful tool.

Reviewed by Frequent Excel User on
This tool was easy to use and gave me all the regression output information that I needed. I would recommend this tool to anyone looking for a multivariate regression package.

Reviewed by Ziad Chehab on
The product is very useful and practical to you. Thank you for providing such a template as it makes the workflow go smoother and more efficiently.

Reviewed by Avplanner on
This product was extremely helpful for my business. In a matter of minutes I was able to perform a multiple regression analysis on 6 different independant variables and report the results to the client. Thanks!

Reviewed by Bob on
Superior Customer Service!!! I purchased this spreadsheet on Jan 11, 2010. When entering the data, I realized that the spreadsheet didn't allow for enough independent variables (I need to use 16 - the spreadsheet was limited to 10). I got in touch with techical support that afternoon and had a new and improved version of the spreadsheet waiting for me on the morning of Jan 12th at no additional charge. Great doing business with them. Product is very robust as well - easy to use and understand. Top notch!

Reviewed by Smart Marco on
Seems wonderful from the first look. Provides a wide range of options to build up on.

Reviewed by TW on
Your regression spreadsheet has been extremely useful in many of my projects (marketing for a health care provider). I have been able to conduct several analyzes to assess the efficacy of multiple promotions in driving patients to our facilities. The design and structure of the spreadsheet makes it very easy to use to date, and I am looking forward to using it on a forecasting project because that feature also looks to be very easy to use.

Reviewed by Liza Schlich on
While in my trial period for the Multiple Regression Analysis and Forecasting Tool, I was able to significantly improve my forecasting for my company by determining which variables are linked and which are not.

By sharing the results with senior management, I gained greater acceptance of the validity of forecasts. While the forecasting formula provided within the spreadsheet hasn't proven to be 100% effective, I have managed to tweak it somewhat to enable greater accuracy within the forecast. This is likely to be driven by other factors which impact the forecast, but which cannot be captured or expressed in a numeric format (at least not yet).

For someone who understands statistics, but isn't a statistician and doesn't have a lot of time to build a model myself, this tool have proven to be extremely valuable.

Reviewed by Terry Haston on
The features of the multiple regression template for excel include: multi variable regression, forecasting, slope values with R lines, standard error coefficients, multiple correlations and relationships between variables analysis that far exceed the tools that are built in Excel in it's data analysis pack. True to its use, this template is a must have for anyone that is in need of a forecasting model using regression analysis.

Reviewed by Davem on
Our government office in now in the process of pursuing a valuation module for tax assessment purposes. For real estate valuation, the use of the 3 valuation methods have been in place, but for residential properties, land, and commercial properties it is needed to step to the next level. This requires the use of multiple regression analysis.

Reasoning for this is as follows: the cost and market approaches utilize the market to place value on properties, but at present they only incorporate the use of tables compared to overall sale ratios. Of course, sales ratios basically measures the variance between a sale occurring on the property to its assessed value. They do not value or account (without additional data) value based upon the many possible variables that may be occurring on the property, such as the fireplace, bedrooms, locations, or size. MRA will do this. Also, for sale comparables, the use of the age-old sale comparison grid is in place which basically finds and compares the sales of up to 5 properties to the subject by means of placed adjustments. MRA is much more robust as a sale comparable alternative, in that not just 5 sale comparables will be used but up to 100+ sale properties, thus allowing for a much more dynamic valuation and logical process as its uses large quanities of sales for price determination.

This is where this program prevails. The plan was to create a MRA program using Excel's data analysis tool: 'Regression'. As all know, it is very comprehensive but lacks any GUI interface nor allows the use of repetitive differing databases as we plan to do. We find 'business-solutions' have created what we intended to do at the fraction of our cost. Upon demo-ing the product, it offers all the data analysis that is needed in a property sale comparable program and yet, in a simple but descriptive way, explains the data return in laymen's terms. We totally believe this program will surpase our plans and needs and we intend to incorporate the program further into our database programs.

Thanks so much for the program, its layout, and usefulness.

Reviewed by Timmy B on
I've downloaded your product after lengthy product comparisons with other regression/forecasting tools such as SPSS etc. and by far it's the simplest and most cost effective. The input range is easy to manipulate and easy to understand, and executing the output/forecasting functions are as quick as pressing a button. The regular regression outputs in excel are very dry in comparison.

I use the tool to analyze sales in relation to a number of variables both external and internal to certain industries. What I really look at is, using the independent variables for the most recent week, and omitting the sales value (dependent variable) the forecasting tool will give me a value of what the sales should be for that given week due to the level of independent variables. Fantastic!

And the folks at Business Spreadsheets have been most helpful when I've had questions. So thank you!


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