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Balance Sheet

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Balance Sheet

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I'm a first year student in commerce and I'm rather new to accounting.  I'm having a hard time with the balance sheet, although it's rather straight forward my balance sheet doesnt balance out. If you guys could help me it would greatly appreciate it.
-Louis purchased all his equipement eight years ago when he started his practise. The total cost of all the equipment was 100,000. He expects to replace all the equipment in four years.
The way I see this is in Assets I would +100,000 in equipment and -100,000 in cash
-He purchased furniture and decorations for his officer 4 years ago for 22,000, he expects the furniture and decoration to last 10 years
Again I would add in Assets +22,000 in equipment and -22,000 in cash
-Patient owe Louis 19,000
I put this under assets for account receivable +19,000. However in this case I only see a gain which ultimately doesnt balance out on either side
-Louis owes various suppliers 12,000
Accounts payable under liabilities -12,000 cash
-The practise Louis owns has 4,750 in it's bank
again + 4750 cash under assets
-Louis owes his staff 2500, this account will be paid on th e next pay day in 2 weeks
I put it under liabilities under account payable -2500 cash
-Louis has a bank loan outstanding for 10000
Assets +10000 cash and liabilities accounts payable -10000 cash
-Louis keeps various supplies that he needs in his practise. The cost of the supplies he currently has on hand is 750
I have no idea what to do with this

Any bit of help would... well it would help :) thank u

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hi Phillipe,

here I found Flexible Balance Sheet you can download from http://www.spreadsheetzone.com/templateview.aspx?i=15 for free.

hope that helps,


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