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Excel Productivity

Excel Productivity templates, add-ins and spreadsheet business solutions

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for enhancing productivity and efficiency in working with Excel. These Excel solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency of working with Excel and optimize the performance of Excel spreadsheet applications. The Excel templates and solutions cover aspects of Excel development with materials and resources to accelerate application development and improve productivity.

Data Management

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for managing the input, update and structure of data. These Excel solutions are designed to increase the efficiency of data management within Excel and can be applied to common tasks such as updating, comparing and organizing data within a defined structure. Excel templates and solutions designed for the automation and assistance with data extraction, loading and transformation with Excel and via external data management systems.

Data Management Solutions for Excel:
Database Report Builder Data Sharing Add-in Data Management and Analysis Data Consolidation Categorizing Data Table Management Database Manager Compare Files Remove Cell Text Relational Database Integrate Data Separate Data Reorganize Data Convert Values Import Scanned Document Data Cleansing Rotate or Flip Data SQL Statements Fuzzy Matching Unstructured Data Import Data Tools Data Manipulation Tools Database and Cloud Data Updating

Navigation and Auditing

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for navigation of spreadsheets and auditing of calculation formulas. These Excel solutions focus on enhancing the navigation and formula auditing of complex Excel models and can be used to detect value drivers and potential errors with Excel based analytical applications. Excel templates and solutions concentrate on simplifying working with Excel models by providing organized navigation structures and tools for identifying reference locations required for auditing and error reporting.

Navigation and Auditing Solutions for Excel:
File Comparison Spreadsheet Auditing Data Integrity Analysis Index Numbering and Logging Detect Spreadsheet Differences Spreadsheet Link Checking Workbook Tools Input Cell Solver Formula Analyzer Dependency Auditing Spreadsheet Search Tabbed Browsing Text Comparison Fix Broken Links Find Similar Data Track Changes Replace Text Formula Auditing Difference Reports Workbook Search File Navigator

Presentation and Reporting

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions to enhance the presentation and reporting of data from Excel. These Excel solutions are designed to enhance the presentation and reporting capabilities of Excel and can be used to create professional looking reports for publishing to different media formats. Excel templates and solutions center on the creation and customization of dynamic reporting applications in Excel with publishing and dissemination on external platforms to interested parties.

Presentation and Reporting Solutions for Excel:
OLAP Reporting Enhance Spreadsheet Presentation HTML Converter PDF Converter Import More Colors Animated Charts Professional Reporting Templates Charting Tools Email Sheets and Ranges Web Application Builder Report Builder Micro Charts Export to Image Dashboard Reporting Web Publishing Component Web Reporting Tool Treemap Add-in Image Converter Flash Converter Pivot Table Formatting Style Manager Dynamic Reports Dashboard Templates Interactive Dashboards Speedometer Charts Survey Data Analysis Flash Book Creator Inserting Images Waterfall Chart Generator Geographical Data Mapping Image Management Dashboard Builder Data Visualization Tools PowerPoint Integration Data Segmentation Charts

Training and Tutorials

Excel help material and tutorial resources to assist with training and learning about how to use features of Microsoft Excel. These Excel and related solutions focus on providing training advice as well as tips, tricks and tutorials for learning how to use certain features of Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in order to utilize the full potential of the Excel application. Excel solutions take the form of example templates, downloadable and interactive instructive materials for learning and conducting training on Excel features and usage.

Training and Tutorials Solutions for Excel:
Time Saving Tips Stock Trading System Spread Trading System Statistics Training Office 365 Classic Menu Functions and Formulas Formula Cheat Sheet Online Training Video Tutorials Chart Help Cube Functions Training Templates Financial Modeling Course Project Manager Training Risk Modeling Training for Excel 2013 Dashboard Training with Examples Business Intelligence Training

Time Saving

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions to improve productivity and save time when working with Excel. These Excel solutions are designed as optimization utilities to enhance the performance of Excel spreadsheet models and can be used to clean up workbook structures and provide efficiencies to routine tasks. Excel templates and solutions provide automation around commonly required tasks for data manipulation and analysis within Excel to save time and resources and increase productivity.

Time Saving Solutions for Excel:
Search and Replace Multiple File Protection Time Saving Solutions Batch Replace Tools Conditional Formatting Functions Cell Calendar Worksheet Analysis Multiple Replace Delete Blank Cells Data Clean Up Tools Merge Data Ranges Duplicate Checking and Removal Automation Add-ins Productivity Tools Add-ins Data Shaping Search Suggestion Matching Work Efficiency Add-ins

Backup and Recovery

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions to backup and recover lost or corrupt files and passwords. These Excel solutions are designed for performing backups and restoring lost or corrupt workbooks and passwords in order to minimize the risk of losing valuable information contained within inaccessible Excel spreadsheets. Excel solutions take the form of applications designed to recover sensitive or critical information that is stored in Excel document files that have become inaccessible.

Backup and Recovery Solutions for Excel:
File Recovery Repair and Recover Files Repair Corrupt Spreadsheets Password Recovery Workbook and VBA Password Remote File Converter Unlock Protected Files VBA Protection Password Data Recovery Password Remover Remove VBA Password Recover Damaged File

Programming Components

Components and code samples to use in development of applications that interact with Excel. These Excel solutions have been built to be utilized for the development of applications that interact remotely with the Excel application and include coding tools, code samples, ActiveX and other programming specific components. Excel solutions provide the means to communicating to and from as well as within the Excel application to facilitate sharing of data between applications and platforms and the generation of Excel based content from remote services.

Programming Components Solutions for Excel:
Java Library ASP Objects VBA Coding Tools Remote Viewing Component Perl Export Script Delphi Reports Export VBA Code Protection OCX Office Viewer Component Automate Macros .NET Components C++ Library

Model Building

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions to assist in building and developing robust models and analytical applications in Excel. These Excel solutions are designed to increase the efficiency of application development in Excel and can be used to assist and accelerate Excel model building and development. Excel solutions provide the ability to secure the development and content for propriety Excel based applications as well as offer tools to ensure robustness and integrate branding when building models in Excel.

Model Building Solutions for Excel:
Useful Add-ins Conditional Rules Model Building Tools Model Analysis Secure Workbook and VBA Protection Encrypted Application Conversion Copy Protection Help Generator Compress File Size Macro Assign Shortcuts Software Testing Templates Metadata Editor Document Protection Macro Help and Examples Team Collaboration Tools

Converting and Integrating

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for converting to and from Excel file formats and integrating Excel with other applications. These Excel solutions are designed for converting Excel files to other formats, converting other file formats to Excel and assisting in the integration of Excel with other software applications. Excel templates and solutions allow to quickly convert Excel content into alternative format standards so that data sharing with external applications and platforms can be as seamless as possible.

Converting and Integrating Solutions for Excel:
Database Conversion Convert 2007 Version Database Format Converter Export Oracle Reports Export ERP Data SQL Database Converter PDF to XLS XML Export Export PowerBuilder DataWindow Import from PDF Convert To Flat File DBF Converter Mac Batch PDF Converter Import DBF Upload to Database Export to Outlook MySQL Converter AutoCAD Table Compatible Alternative Mac PDF Import Import Multiple Files to Access MySQL Table Directory Contents Lister

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