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Operations and Management

Excel Operations and Management templates, add-ins and spreadsheet business solutions

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for business operations and management activities. These Excel solutions are designed to be applied to specific work flows and logistics in business operating environments. The Excel templates and solutions assist with the streamlining of business operations and facilitate management decision making for operating activities.

Project Management

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for project management, project planning and task scheduling. These Excel solutions focus on aspects of project management including task timing, planning and resource allocation which can be utilized to plan and monitor project performance to facilitate project related decision making. Excel templates and solutions addressing typical requirements for planning, tracking and managing projects with tools to facilitate communication, collaboration and monitoring of projects for management.

Project Management Solutions for Excel:
Project Planning and Management Task Scheduler Construction Cost Estimation Gantt Chart Creator Wedding Planning Template Import to Outlook Project Planner Custom Gantt Charts Project Management Balanced Scorecard Microsoft Project Schedule Export Cross Platform Project Management Project Management Templates Calendar Creator Construction Schedule Templates Project Management Tools Task Management Template Project Resource Management Resource Demand and Planning

Sales and Marketing

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for sales analysis and formulating marketing strategy plans. These Excel solutions focus on revenue opportunity analysis, product profitability and marketing strategy and can be applied to formulate optimized marketing plans to increase sales revenue and overall bottom line profitability. Excel templates and solutions focus on optimization of sales revenue growth for business by applying analysis and methodologies relating to product and service pricing, demographic reporting and associated interdependencies for marketing strategy.

Sales and Marketing Solutions for Excel:
Email Sending Sales and Marketing Templates Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Marketing Management Product Profitability Pricing Strategy Analysis Invoice Template with Sales Reporting Customer Service Analysis Marketing Planning Marketing Strategy Analysis Product Pricing Mail Merge Basic Invoice Billing Management Brand Evaluation Scorecard Marketing Metrics Balanced Scorecard Invoicing System Extract Email Addresses Batch PDF Email Smartphone Database Query Quoting System eBay Template Marketing Templates Sales Pipeline Template Customer Survey Template Yellow Pages Data Mining RFM Analysis Template SEO Keyword Analysis Point of Sale Spreadsheet

Supply Chain and Inventory

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for supply chain management and inventory control. These Excel solutions are designed for management of supply chain and inventory flows within the business operating environment and can be used to assist in the scheduling and monitoring of production resources for the reduction of ongoing operating costs. Excel templates and solutions focus on optimal strategies for procurement processes and inventory management for realizing supply chain efficiency.

Supply Chain and Inventory Solutions for Excel:
Inventory Management Material Requirements Planning General Cost Estimation Inventory Scheduling Bar Code Generator Inventory Tracking Supplier Profitability Analysis Serial Number to Barcode Supply Chain Balanced Scorecard Material Cut Length Optimization Mileage Calculation MapPoint Distances Inventory Accounting Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) Template

Human Resources

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for the management of human resources and employees. These Excel solutions are designed to assist in management of human resource related activities and can be applied to common human resources tasks such as personnel management, employee scheduling and communication. Excel templates and solutions focus on improving efficiencies within the management of human resources as well as the establishment of processes and policies to stimulate employee performance within the organization.

Human Resources Solutions for Excel:
Payroll Template Staff Scheduling Work Center Scheduling Employee Shift Scheduling Time and Wage Calculation Human Resource Templates Employee Timesheet Employee Performance Review Employee Scheduler HR Balanced Scorecard Timesheet Creation Expense Claim Form Vehicle Maintenance Template Organizational Chart Template Punch Clock Template Shift Pattern Calculator Candidate Selection

Process Management

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for the management of business processes and operations. These Excel solutions are designed to assist in management of business and operating tasks and processes which can be applied to optimize production and resource planning activities, standardize administration processes and streamline operating logistics. Excel templates and solutions dedicated to the analysis and interpretation of value stream and production processes that reveal process optimization potentials to reduce waste and improve margins.

Process Management Solutions for Excel:
Office Process Templates Useful Office Forms Office Templates Business Forms Business Statistics Student Grade Calculator Collaboration Tool Gradebook Template Construction Forms Batch Printing Export MapPoint Waypoints Knowledge Management Balanced Scorecard Templates Six Sigma Templates Content Emailing Survey Data Mining Continuous Process Improvement File Change Trigger Product Mix Optimization Dynamic Content Emailing

Manufacturing and Engineering

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for industrial manufacturing and engineering applications. These Excel solutions are designed for industrial manufacturing and engineering processes and can be utilized for production process planning and monitoring, stress test and quality control, as well as mechanical and technical calculations and analysis. Excel templates and solutions designed to calculate and analyze physical properties and scientific information relating to the processes of engineering and manufacturing goods and products.

Manufacturing and Engineering Solutions for Excel:
Resource Management Production Planning Advanced Graphs Engineering Calculations Energy Conversion Physical Properties and Steam Approximation OPC Data Connection Concrete Cost Estimation QFD, FMEA and Pugh Templates Curve Fitting Dimensional Analysis and Measurement Contract Templates Sankey Diagrams Unit Conversion Structural Engineering Analysis

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