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Gantt Chart Template for Excel

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Gantt Chart Template For Excel

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ConfusedHi Friends,
This Gantt Chart Template for Excel is a simple spreadsheet that makes creating project schedules easy. The trial version contains a protected (locked) worksheet with limited functionality, but it can still be used to create basic project schedules. You can add as many tasks/sub tasks as you need by copying and inserting rows. The chart shows 8 months at a time, but the scroll bar makes it easy to change the range of dates displayed. You can create task dependencies using spreadsheet formulas. To gain full functionality (unlocked worksheets) and more features, you can purchase the professional version at http://www.vertex42.com/ExcelTemplates/excel-grant-chart.html
Thanks and Regards
Kynthia Melissa
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Your new destination for Gantt Chart Template is Techno-PMDotCom.
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