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Tracking recurring orders?

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Tracking Recurring Orders?

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ConfusedOur customers buy products on a recurring basis.  For instance, they might want 10 units of a product shipped to them every month for a year.  After a year, we have to re-invoice them and get them to sign up for another year (or some other period of time).

Is there a way to keep track of when these "recurring" orders expire so that we can re-invoice them?  I have some ideas about how I could customize the template, but thought I would ask here first.

Also, we need a way to easily generate a list of who gets the product this month.  Customers are always signing up and cancelling at various times throughout the year, but we need a list that we can generate in any given month to see who gets the product that month.  Again, I've got some ideas, but I'd welcome your thoughts. 
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