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VLOOKUP with dates

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Vlookup With Dates

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Confusedi urgently need to know how to use the VLOOKUP function for a specific problem:

i have a list of dates, eg

and a separate table, with a number corresponding to each month of the year, eg
1   January
2   Feburary
3   March
4   April
the number value and the month are in separate columns.

i need to create a VLOOKUP function to associate the date with it's month's number value.
please help me, this is really urgent!
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When you do your VLOOKUP instead of using the date value to look up, wrap it in a =MONTH function so that it returns the number of the month that can be matched against the month number in your second table.
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I have the same problem but I need to check if a list matches the Month and the year.  I'm trying to have a cell on a separate sheet return a true or a false if the date falls within the month.

 ie. List of dates that tool change is required
 10-Mar-09         06-May-09        22-Jan-10       12-Feb-10

 on a separate sheet i'm trying to search the dates above to see if there is a tool change required during the month

 Jan-09   Feb-09   Mar-09  Apr-09

 I can calculate all the machines that have a true vales and the amount of tools on each that need to be changes for that month.

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