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Making totals

Excel Help for Making Totals in Analyzing Corporate Financial Data

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Making Totals

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ConfusedHello guys... im quite new in Excel... well i need some help... i have made just a sample what ive got and what i need :)...

 ive uploaded a file to here http://shokarta.kabel1.cz/schedule.xls

 on LIST1 is wht ive got already, and then i need to make any total like on LIST2... make some macro or whatever what would make a name on the top, then the number and amounts... and then just totals.... and do it for every name on the LIST1...

 i guess thats not as difficult to do that for anybody who knows what to do :)...

im hopeless because ive got like hunderts of names and numbers units etc, and counting it manualy is a nightmare....

 thanks guys for understanding
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in list 2 in D1 type George, E1 Lucas, F1 Ronald, G1 Tim
do not type copy from list 1 so that no spelling mistake occurs. 

in D2 type this formula 


note the dollar signs.
copy D2 to E2,F2 and G2.

is it ok? post feedback

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