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Unblock Excel

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ConfusedHi all.

I have an excel file with some cells containing Hypertextual URL links.

These links are opened by a macro but sometimes the internet site is slow because it is down or in overload and excel crashes.

I try pressing esc button but it doesn't work, the screen become white and everything stops.

I was arguing if there is a way to unblock excel in these cases or maybe a code that I can insert in the macro so that it stops the loop after 10 seconds.

Thank you

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After reading your complete query, I think the hyperlink is not working properly in your Excel workbook. Well there can be different reasons behind this Excel hyperlink not working issue:

1. You must have renamed the hyperlinked worksheet file name
2. sudden excel worksheet closure

 You try this solution:
• First of all open your Excel Workbook ->Go to File->Options->Advanced
• scrolling down to this advanced page you will get General tab, tap to it. Now hit the Web Options.
• A Window of “Web Options” pops-up on your screen
• On this Web Options dialog box, tap on Files tab and unselect the “Update Links on save” box
• Click OK button to save changes.
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This is just a guess -  

To do this task you will need a macro.
You will have to initiate the hyperlink from within the macro so that you can count the time it takes to load. You will need to include code that can check the browser address so that it matches partof your hyperlink. I say this because most sites change the url by adding extrabits that may contradict your original link.

If there is no match for more that 5 seconds then

This might redirect the attention back to Excel.

I haven't tested this yet as it will require some nail-biting, hair-pulling, chain-smoking coding.

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