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Phone number stored in 3 columns

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Phone Number Stored In 3 Columns

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ConfusedWe have a DO NOT CALL list - where each phone number is stored in a separate row in 3 columns. Example phone number 303-408-5566 would be stored in 1 row Column 1 303, Column 2 408, Column 3 5566. I need to be able to look up a phone number to see if it is on the DO NOT CALL list. The find feature only works on one Column and its only a combination of the 3 columns that makes a unique result.
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OopsThe simplest method would be to create a separate column with a concatenation of the phone number columns and then use that column for the VLOOKUP function.
e.g. =TEXT(A1)&"-"&TEXT(B1)&"-"&TEXT(C1)

Another more complex method is to use MID functions to extract each part of the phone number, convert the text to values, match them to the columns, and test if the matching index is the same for all three parts. 

As an example, suppose the 3 parts of the phone numbers are in columns A,B and C from row 1 to 100 and the phone number is look for is in cell E1.  the following formula will return TRUE is the phone number is found.

=AND(MATCH(VALUE(MID(E1,1,3)),A1:A100,1)=MATCH(VALUE(MID(E1,5,3)),B1:B100,1), MATCH(VALUE(MID(E1,5,3)),B1:B100,1)=MATCH(VALUE(MID(E1,9,4)),C1:C100,1))
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