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Solver error in Excel 2010

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Solver Error In Excel 2010

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ConfusedI have Excel 2010 and whenever I try to use the Solver it gives me an error message:

"Error in model. Please verify that all cells and constraints are valid."

What could be the cause of this?

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This message indicates that the conditions specified by the model to solve is not in a valid form when passed to the underlying Solver32.dll for processing. This can occur if the wrong version of either Solver.xla or Solver32.dll is installed or if (more likely) if the values of certain hidden defined names used by the Solver have been modified either manually or via VBA programming. To avoid this type of error, make sure that there are no defined names beginning with "solver" in the spreadsheet.
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Hello there,

You may take help of...


Hope you will able to sort out your issue.

Kynthia Melissa
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