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ConfusedHi! If you want to download a large list of historical info the best way is to use ActiveX, asynchronous request, subscription by request. In my experince that is by far the fastest and most reliable way to do it. If you go to the WAPI<go> and then search for ad hoc examples for ActiveX then you will find a Xl-file called SimpleSynchronous. In the file you can see the diffence subscription modes. It is very easy to modify the code in that example.

I strongly advice against using DDE. When using ActiveX asynchronous request, subscription by request you can send a matrix to BB and get a matrix back ie you only have to ask one question to BB even though you want eg 10 diffenets info fields for 150 different securities. VBA usually hangs when you have a long loop which you have to have when using DDE. Thus DDE is by no means recommended (if you want to keep your job..). ActiveX is a bit more trick since you have a class module. However by using the example I reffered you to you only have to modify a bit in order for it to work so you really dont need to know much programming. Please let me know if I can further assit you! HTH
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