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Adding Spaces

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Adding Spaces

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Confusedsubject: Adding Spaces 

Hello I am trying to enter information off of a bank statement (in pdf) into excel and then transfer it into excel...

My goal is to line up the date of the withdrawal with the description and the transaction amount
MY GOAL is to get the data to look like this
Columns:A B C
10-18 Verizon Wireless 71.71
10-18 Home Depot 34.51
10-19 Staples store 55.66
of Springfield
10-20 Office Depot 66.77

10-20 Shoprite of 88.88
10-21 Prudential Insurance 500.00

The data is separated by tabs.Unfortunately, there are problems with the vertical spacing..if there is a double line, it all gets "smushed"

10-18 Verizon Wireless 71.7110-18 Home Depot 34.5110-19 Staples store 55.66 of Springfield 66.7710-20 Office Depot 88.8810-20 Shoprite of 500.00 Springfield10-21 Prudential Insurance

Is it possible to write a macro that will insert a blank space into column C for every time there is a blank space in column A... 
is it possible to make it such that, for every time a date is listed, in column A, the computer will output a number into column C (assuming i just list the numbers in column D, and the computer knows to select the first number in column D and then the next and so forth).
Just an FYI:I used adobe professional to "copy as a table" the info from the bank statement, then paste into excel.. but it did not paste so neatly. From there, I copy and paste into quickbooks. I think this is the fastest way to type information from a scanned pdf bank statement into quickbooks. If there is a faster way, i would love to know how (Btw, i know of BRC, big red consultant, but i don't want to pay for that)
Please let me know thanx jsvlad
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The best option would be first to output your PDF to a text document.  Then in Excel import external data from text.  This will allow you to specify both the tab and other characters required to separate the values accordingly
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You can use online tools for document conversion.
 DRPU Trade Label Software by https://www.tradelabelsoftware.com
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