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Price Updating

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ConfusedHi everyone
Please can someone help me with probably a simple script that can do the following.
I have one master spreadsheet full of product numbers and prices. The products are from different suppliers and all mixed up. Every year the suppliers change their prices and I need to import the new prices from suppliers spreadsheets.Once I have done this I can then import my master spreadsheet back into our accounting package.
The ideal script would look at the part number in each row of column A in spreadsheet 1 (the master spreadsheet) and look for a matching part number in spreadsheet 2 (the new price list). If it finds a match then copy the price from column B in spreadsheet 2 over to column B in spreadsheet 1. The script would continue this process until all populated rows in column A of spreadsheet 1 have been processed.
For example my supplier has sent me a spreadsheet of 30000 rows of products, but we only sell 4000 of them. To date we have a had to do a ctrl F to find a part number then manually adjust the price in the master spreadsheet. It takes ages. I have 3-6 other spreadsheets from other suppliers that need this process too.
A script to do this would save me days of time.
Anyones help would be very appreciated, thank you.
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The easiest solution would be to create a VLOOKUP function in spreadsheet 1 based on part number for which the price would then be returned from the same part number in spreadsheet 2.
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