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Dependant drop down list - prompt to select

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Dependant Drop Down List - Prompt To Select

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ConfusedI have a formula in cell E5 based on the selections made by the parent drop down box in cell C5 and dependent drop down cell D5. The formula is E5=$D & $C5  Suppose the current value of cell c5=V1 and d5=w3. (out of possible choice as w1, w2, w3) So, E5= v1w3 Now when I change C5 from v1 to v2, and if I forget or ignore to select a new value in D5 corresponding to C5, I get a wrong result in E5. Question is how would the user be prompted to make a new selection in D5 corresponding to change in C5. Perhaps, when C5 is changed I would want to have a red flashing light in cell D5 and when the user make a selection in D5, the flashing light should be turned off and also the cell color should return to it's original color.
Please provide me a formula or a code to achieve this.
Thanks in advance and with best regards
Vilas Desai
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The simplest approach here is to use a conditional formatting formula in cell E5 to validate that values in both C5 and D5 have been selected.  If the length of both selections is 2 a conditional formatting formula for cell E5 could be:
Formula Is: =LEN(E5)<4

Alternatively a more complete formula could be:
Formula Is: =OR(C5="",D5="")

The format can then be applied such as coloring the cell red or text, border highlighting as desired.
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