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Defining the Project Resources

Help for defining the project resources in the project planning and management template for Excel

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Key parameters and resources for the project can be entered into the 'Resources' sheet. To get started planning and managing a new project, the Project Parameters and Human Resources sections on this sheet should first be completed.


The Project Parameters section is used to specify parameter information for display purposes, emailing and schedule calculation. These parameters are:


The Human Resources section allows the listing and management of participants available to undertake tasks within the project. This plays an important role in the scheduling functionality of the model and must be populated before tasks are defined and entered into the 'Tasks' sheet. The number of working hours per day is specified here, as well the ability to manage the list of participants with their respective details and availability. Clicking on the 'Manage' button presents a form for managing the list of human resources. An existing person can be chosen to edit, or a new person can be specified to add. The required parameters for the participant are:


The Financial Resources section allows the listing and management of the project's budget items. While the budget may be managed directly here, it is also possible to manage the budget items while entering and updating tasks in the 'Tasks' sheet. This enables the creation and development of the project's budget as tasks are defined and specified - often a more practical approach to project planning and budgeting. The currency input denomination is also specified here for display purposes throughout the model. Clicking on the 'Manage' button presents a form for managing the project budget.


The parameters in the Operating Costs area are:


The Control Panel section allows the project manager to access the main functions of the model. While these processes are also available in subsequent sheets, the Control Panel offers the manager one place to control and monitor the performance of their project. This section offers the ability to:

Screenshot: Defining the Project Resources