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Entering Transactions

Help for entering transactions in the portfolio performance tracking template for Excel

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When a new product is added, two transaction spaces are allocated for each of Distribution and Investment type transactions.  If additional transactions rows are required, select a cell displaying 'Distribution' or 'Investment' and click the 'Add New Row for Transaction' button.  These additional transaction rows are automatically removed when the Portfolio is 'Rolled Over' to a new reporting period. Transactions can be entered by the following process:

  1. Go to relevant product in ‘Trans’ sheet.       
  2. Enter transaction under either Distribution or Investment.    Distributions include all interest/dividends received or equivalent. Investment includes purchases, withdrawals (negative), or reinvestment.  For example, if distributions are reinvested, two entries are required: one as a positive distribution, and one as a positive investment. Similarly, if the entire investment is withdrawn, a positive distribution transaction and negative investment transaction is required on the date of the liquidation.
  3. Enter the transaction details in the cells provided.

Screenshot: Entering Transactions