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Useful Add-ins

Excel useful add-ins for model building

Excel Useful Add-ins

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The Useful Add-ins Suite for Excel contains a selection of tools to accelerate development tasks using Excel. The useful add-ins encompass tools for the analysis of formulas, content creation and management of data for building Excel models.

The following add-ins are included in the Useful Add-ins Suite for Excel.

Formula Report Generator Allows to easily create a report showing formulas within a Workbook that are either external references, internal references or both. Worksheet(s) can be specified to base the report on. The Report includes click-able hyperlinks direct to any specified formula cell.

Dynamic Range Namer allows to quickly and easily create any one of eight different types of dynamic ranges that will expand down rows or across columns. The column or row can be specified to use as the criteria. It can also expand automatically each day month or week.

Real Calendar creates a live calendar in an instant using real dates, so it can be referenced if needed. The current day is always highlighted and the calendar updates automatically.

Sheet Creator and Sorter creates any number of pre-named worksheets which can be Financial Years (1901-2050), Weekdays (Monday-Sunday), Months (January-December), Years (1901-2050), Quarters (Quart 1 - Quart 4), Days (Day 1 - Day 583) and Weeks (Week 1 - Week 52). It also has an option to Sort (ascending or descending) any Worksheets in any Workbook.

Random Number Generator can produce up to 1000 non repeating random numbers that meet a specified criteria.

Conditional Row Deletion can save many hours of repetitive work when requiring to quickly and easily delete rows in a Worksheet that meet a specific criteria. There is an option that allows the specification any one of Excels six Error Types, or all of them.

Duplication Report produces a statistical table of your data including a count of occurrences of each item, the total number of duplicates and a total of all entries. It will also produce a list of the data containing only unique entries.

Do On Time allows the running of a VBA macro (recorded or written) at a set time, display a personal message or reminder at a specified time or even open a nominated Workbook at a set time.

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(Updated on 2023-11-01)

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