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Fix Broken Links

Excel fix broken links for navigation and auditing

Excel Fix Broken Links

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Fix Broken Links for Excel assists in finding and fixing broken links in Microsoft Excel documents. The program scans Excel documents for references to linked documents on host or remote network servers.

Fix Broken Links for Excel is ideal in circumstances where users of linked documents move, change or rename the document resulting in invalid link references and data calculation errors.

Key features of Fix Broken Links for Excel include:
  • Search for documents with the broken links - Fix Broken Links for Excel will find the documents with broken links appeared in the result of copying, moving or renaming the file. The results of the search will be presented in a convenient and comprehensive report.
  • Fixing broken links - Fix Broken Links for Excel restores the broken links to files where possible. A detailed report is provided with a list of files with fixed links as well as a list of the files where the links can not be restored with the connected parts missing. The program has a special mode of marking files to quickly restore broken links in documents which are frequently moved.
  • Transferring or copying linked documents to another location - Fix Broken Links for Excel can transfer the linked documents to a specified folder, update and save the links. This is useful for creating a self contained work environment one computer for working independently offline.
  • Work with files stored on web sites and SharePoint servers - Fix Broken Links for Excel can work with remote documents in the same way as with local ones. This opportunity allows downloading documents directly from the web or SharePoint server to fix broken links.

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