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Excel Online Training

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Online Training for Excel (Excel School) is a 12 week online training program to learn and become efficient in almost all aspects of Microsoft Excel.

Online Training for Excel is designed for managers or analysts requiring a good understanding of data and ability to work with it. This online structured 12 week training program dedicates each week to explain one excel concept using informative videos and animations. The online training is an intense, focused and clearly defined program to learn Excel in useful and fun way.

Topics covered in the Online Training for Excel are formulas, formatting, conditional formatting, charting, tables, pivot tables, data filters and validation, importing data, advanced formulas, forms and VBA macros, shortcuts and productivity, and open week. Open week provides the opportunity to revisit earlier topics or subjects requested by participants through a poll.

Key features of Online Training for Excel include:
  • Access to a members only classroom to learn, ask questions, share ideas and discuss home work and class projects.
  • Weekly Excel lessons for 12 weeks including videos, demos, animations and Excel workbooks.
  • Download the lessons once every 4 weeks to learn at self paced leisure.
  • 2 class projects: build a dynamic chart and a simple dashboard based on the techniques taught in the program.
  • 3 bonus weeks in addition to the 12 weeks online training for Excel shortcuts and productivity, Excel macros and form controls. This bonus content is released in parallel with regular content so that the program duration is not changed.
  • 3 guest lectures by highly regarded authorities on Excel.
  • Excel formula cheat sheet PDF reference.
  • Excel keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet reference.
  • Complimentary access to the member area to download material even after the course has ended.

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