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Excel Portfolio Optimization Template

The support forum for the Excel portfolio optimization template by Business Spreadsheets provides help and technical assistance for using the template. While support questions are answered here, tips and experiences can also be shared among users.
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Excel Help TopicsDateAuthorViewsReplies
View TopicOptimizing Portfolio is always stuck at Process 2 of 406 Dec 2018yanki1720
View TopicOptimizing Portfolio is always stuck at Process 2 of 406 Dec 2018yanki1600
View TopicHow can data be added in an Excel file from a remote Excel file (hosted on the web)?06 Oct 2018Aysherrayan2471
View TopicCan no longer download adjusted close data20 May 2017alb9981,1062
View TopicDownload Data spreadsheet does not download the S&P 500 index data (^GSPC)19 May 2017alb9981,0014
View TopicNo weights in optimized portfolio & error in benchmark return22 Jun 2016samint1,5731
View TopicResults tab suggestion01 Mar 2016Jampa91,6332
View TopicDownload Market Data crashes....30 Dec 2015Lalla1502,12412
View TopicIndexes and Returns04 Nov 2015lush2,0903
View TopicFurther Clarification27 Oct 2015Michael1721,8661
View TopicName conflict error20 Oct 2015Michael1721,8573
View TopicAssets other than stocks in portfolio21 Sep 2015dtawil1,7351
View TopicSortino Ratio - Downside Deviation versus Semi-Deviation21 Jul 2015A.Yu2,5583
View Topicwhen running scenarios the sheet locks up and wont complete the 12100 total06 Feb 2015adam2,2343
View TopicRun time error 9 - out of range11 Oct 2014manucub2,5393
View TopicSame output by varying the Target returns01 Sep 2014sammmf2,8551
View Topic"Runtime Error 13" and "Runtime error -2147483640" Excel 2011 Mac13 Jun 2014stejimenez4,2101
View TopicHelp Required from Administrator15 May 2014Rain4,2401
View TopicOptimal portfolio with weight 004 Dec 2013NYSE4,7811
View TopicNew Portfolio Optimization Template Version29 Mar 2013Excel Helper12,8322
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