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Name conflict error

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Name Conflict Error

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Confused I have gotten this error:

" The name, vge5, either conflicts with a valid range reference or is invalid for Excel.  The name has been replaced with _vge5.
You may still need to manually update any references to this name used in VBA code or as tet arguments in fuctions.  You must close and repoen the workbook before these changes take effect."

Is there anything further I need to do other than re-opening it? 


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You can try an re-open to re-run the optimization.  

If you do get a run-time error, please reply to the email on this post notification so that we can investigate.
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Yes, I still get the same error.   I am running Excel 2013 in compatilibity Mode, I am also using Windows 10,  not sure these facts make a difference or not.  

I have two more additional questions regarding the program:
1. The total Return Comparision chart is very jagged when using a daily return data set, is this because the chart is plotted using monthly-calculated points? If so, is there a way to make it more smooth?
2. Output data is in the same time period as the input data set, as in, Avg Period Return for a daily data set is for one day, so to get an annual return, I will have to multiply it by 255?. What about the ratios and probabilities.  I assume the sharpe ratio stays the same, but what about "Probability of achieving ##% targert return", is this the probability in any given one-day for a daily data-set?

thanks, let me know if there is a document that I should be reading to answer these questions regarding funactionality.

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Oops We can confirm that the name is not referenced in the VBA and so the results will not be affected. We have tested with Excel 2013 and Windows 10 and if the optimization runs without issue then the results are valid.

  1. The total return chart is created from the same dates used in the Input tab. Small periodicity such as days will make it more volatile and conversely higher periodicity such as months will smooth out volatility.
  2. All results are based on the input periodicity and so for daily data we need to multiple the return by trading days in the but for risk (standard deviation) the square root of annual trading days.
There is detailed documentation on these aspects in the user guides.
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