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Project Management

Excel Project Management templates, add-ins and spreadsheet business solutions

Excel templates, add-ins and spreadsheet solutions for project management, project planning and task scheduling. These Excel solutions focus on aspects of project management including task timing, planning and resource allocation which can be utilized to plan and monitor project performance to facilitate project related decision making. Excel templates and solutions addressing typical requirements for planning, tracking and managing projects with tools to facilitate communication, collaboration and monitoring of projects for management.

Recommended Solution
The Project Planning and Management template is designed as a generic solution to plan and manage any project from start to finish. Automated features include Gantt scheduling, participant workbook creation, and progress update from remote files.
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An essential suite of MS Excel based construction cost estimating and job costing software. Within each estimator, you can now work in a single MS Excel environment to quickly create, build, and manage your estimates.
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The Project Planner for Excel is an Excel project plan template designed for distribution to project team members so that they can easily input their tasks, dates and status using a user-friendly interface.
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Construction Schedule Templates for Excel include 5-day residential, commercial and generic scheduling solutions for construction work and projects with automatic Gantt schedules.
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Task Scheduler for Excel can be used standalone or as a set of building blocks to develop custom applications for project management, planning ans scheduling.
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The Wedding Planning Template for Excel is a complete check list of tasks required to plan a wedding. The task list has been compiled from leading bridal magazines.
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The Gantt Chart Creator for Excel is designed for those who need a quick and easy Gantt chart to present their project's progress. It can accommodate up to 25 project tasks and team members.
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The Excel Resource Demand and Planning template is a fully functional and automated Gantt charting solution with advanced project management and monitoring features.
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3.2 from 5 votes
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Custom Gantt Charts for Excel generates Project style calendar Gantt chart plans from entered task data like task name, the starting and end date.
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Project Management Balanced Scorecard for Excel evaluates the performance of project management for business.
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3.3 from 4 votes
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Project Management Templates for Excel is a collection of powerful Excel templates for project management purposes including Gantt charts, scheduling and status reports.
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Import to Outlook for Excel enables the import of Excel data into calendars and contact information into Outlook from Excel.
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Excel Project Resource Management is an Excel add-in for planning and monitoring project activities and associated resource management with a wide range of customization and analysis options.
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3.3 from 12 votes
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The Task Management Template for Excel organizes tasks by defined categories as well as due date, priority and status to automatically generate reminder notifications and manage tasks for any project type.
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Microsoft Project Schedule Export for Excel is a MS Project add-in to export project schedules to Excel.
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3.7 from 3 votes
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Cross Platform Project Management is a powerful project management solution for Windows, Mac and Linux that enables collaboration through the export and import of Excel files.
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Project Management Tools for Excel are a suite of Excel add-ins to facilitate creating project schedules and performing common analytical tasks such as comparing and merging data.
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The Calendar Creator for Excel is an application to create customized Excel calendar templates for the chosen year with format and personalized options.
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