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Work Efficiency Add-ins

Excel work efficiency add-ins for time saving

Excel Work Efficiency Add-ins

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The Work Efficiency Add-ins (OfficeTent) consist of a collection of tools that provide fast processes to transform and manage data and content within Excel for saving time and improving work efficiency. The efficiency add-ins can be installed for Excel 2007 or higher on either 32-bit or 64-bit versions of Excel and provide a new menu item with access to all utilities.

Key features of the Excel work efficiency add-ins include:
  • Bookmark - add bookmarks to cell references in order to quickly navigate back and forth between ranges.
  • Advanced Find and Replace - support for setting multiple conditions to find and replace content with options for wildcards and regular expressions.
  • Case Changer - upper and lower case conversion options with support to apply to individual words and sentence parts within text content.
  • Batch Text Processing - a wide range of text manipulation and sorting options that can be applied to multiple cells ranges in batch process.
  • Data Window - displays editable information concerning parts of data tables to facilitate analysis and formula management on large ranges.
  • Adding Text - inserting text content within content as prefix, suffix, fixed position and conditional search.
  • Text Extraction - isolating and extracting specific text strings within ranges with options to remove, replace and export content.
  • Reverse Ordering - change the sort order of text content across or within cells using delimiter options.
  • Highlight - highlighting cells and ranges based on content to speed up visual navigation.
  • Navigation History - recording of selected cells and ranges to provide navigation based on recorded history.
  • Customized Shortcut Commands - create additional keyboard shortcut commands to perform commonly used tasks.
  • Selection Assistance - create multiple conditions to rules that then select cell ranges based on the criteria met.
  • Formula Editor - a dedicated window which can be viewed in full screen provides advances formula management and auditing functionality including syntax highlighting, auto-complete and zooming.
  • Delete Functions - a variety of methods to remove text content for cleaning data including options to target spaces, numeric, non-numeric and special characters at specified positions.

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