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ConfusedI have searched the discussion group for answers, but none exactly match my
question.  I have two columns, and I need to count how many times a certain
"match" occurs.  E.g., here's the data:

         A                 B
1  Abbott         Knee replacement
2  Costello       Knee replacement
3  Costello       Shoulder replacement
4  Costello       Shoulder replacement
5  Abbott         Knee replacement

I need to count how many times Dr. Abbott did a knee replacement, how many
times Dr. Costello did a knee replacement, etc.  Each query will reside in
its own cell, so I need a formula for each query.  In the above example, I
would have four different cells containing the COUNT function/formula, e.g.,
one cell will be labeled "Abbott - Knee replacements", another will be
"Costello -- Knee replacements", another will be "Abbott -- shoulder
replacements", another will be "Costello -- shoulder replacements".
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You should concatenate the two columns with doctor name and operation first in column C.  To split out the number from the doctor name, you might want to use a string function like =RIGHT(cell, LEN(cell)-2).  If the numbers go over 1 character in length you will need to replace the LEN part with a FIND function for the space character after the number.

After that you can used the COUNTIF function on the range of concatenations to return the number of unique doctor/operation pairs.

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