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Automation Add-ins

Excel automation add-ins for time saving

Excel Automation Add-ins

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Excel automation add-ins (XLTools) facilitates productivity in Excel with a set of time saving add-ins that automate commonly used data management tasks. Routine operations can be performed much faster with reduced risk of errors through the flexible and high performance automation add-ins provide through the added menu tab.

Key features of the excel automation add-ins include:
  • Popup Calendar - automatic population of correct dates and formats by choosing from the calendar.
  • Data Cleansing - batch conversion of data type with cleaning tools including white space removal and case switching.
  • Unpivot Table - transforming multidimensional pivot tables to flat tables for analysis and external system importing.
  • Combine Cells Data - concatenation of adjacent cell content with optional delimiter specification.
  • Sheet Switcher - tools to quickly navigate and switch between worksheet tabs in large and complex workbooks.
  • Repeat Selection - remembers multiple cell selection addresses so that the same selections can be automatically made later.
  • Version Control - stores version information with commentaries with functionality to roll back to previous versions.
  • SQL Queries - utilize the power of SQL query language on Excel data to create complex data mining queries with joins.
  • Mail Merge - create highly dynamic emails from Excel data content and recipient data in Excel.
  • Custom Automation - record repetitive tasks or define within an Excel table for automated execution without requiring any VBA code.

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