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Cash Flow Valuation

Excel cash flow valuation for business valuation

Excel Cash Flow Valuation

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The Cash Flow Valuation template for Excel is designed for making fast and accurate investment and project valuations or to compare valuations between companies and investment proposals.

Cash flow valuation analysis is the basis for most traditional investment and business decisions and if often relied upon for value investments, both in the stock market and for private company and project investment. Cash Flow Valuation for Excel is generically built to be applied across all financial and investment disciplines.

Cash Flow Valuation for Excel can be utilized for a wide range of scenarios such as:
  • Profiling sources of either positive or negative cash flows within a business.
  • Comparing up to five different businesses by graphical snapshots, ratio analysis, or by specific cash flow categories.
  • Analyzing scenarios of varying cash flow growth rates on bottom line profitability.
  • Estimating future cash flows for up to 10 years.
  • Calculating business or investment project value under the discounted cash flow valuation method.
  • Creating corporate and investor presentations.

Key features of Cash Flow Valuation for Excel include:
  • Intuitive and easy to use layout makes work flow and presentations simple to understand.
  • Unlimited flexibility in growth rates and other key input variables.
  • All worksheets are automatically linked together so that figures only need to be entered once and then flow through to the rest of the model.
  • Each worksheet is formatted to print on A4 paper for fast presentation and decision making.
  • Worksheets and formulas are left unlocked for customization if required.
  • A complete user guide in Word format with multiple screenshots is supplied for easy learning.

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