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Text Manipulation

Excel text manipulation for time saving

Excel Text Manipulation

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The Text Manipulation Add-in for Excel simplifies the working with text within Excel spreadsheets. It is particularly useful for text which has been imported into Excel. Either a range of cells or the entire sheet can be specified to undertake text manipulation tasks.

The Change Case feature allows to instantly change the case of the text. Text can be automatically changed to upper case, lower case or proper case.

The Remove Character or Text feature can save many hours of manually removing specific characters, or text strings, from specified text. Characters to remove can be directly copied from the Windows Character Map. If the character or text to remove is not available, the 'Specify Character or Text' option can be enabled.

Several common problems can arise when importing text into Excel. These include numbers not being recognized as numeric values; date values not being recognized; and difficulty in breaking up text, referencing text or using text in formulas. To overcome these issues the Text Manipulation Add-in for Excel can remove all:
  • Leading spaces
  • Trailing spaces
  • Trailing and Leading spaces
  • All spaces, except for single spaces between words

The Text Manipulation Add-in for Excel can also concatenate (link together) text quickly and easily by specifying the cells to concatenate and the cell to concatenate the text into. The text is then instantly be joined. An option also exists to add a space between each cell that is joined.

The Text Manipulation Add-in for Excel is also available in the following discounted bundled offers:

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Price: USD 29.95
(Updated on 2018-09-21)

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