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Number Management

Excel number management for time saving

Excel Number Management

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The Number Management Add-in for Excel fills in the gaps in Excel when working with numbers. It allows the addition of 15 different number formats that are not part of Excel's built in number formats. There is also a list box where any one of 172 currency codes can be selected to format numbers (such as USD65.00 or GBP162.09 etc).

The Force to Numbers feature allows the automatic conversion of numbers that Excel only recognizes as text to true numeric values.

The Round option on the Change Value tab allows to instantly round up, round down or round to any specified number of decimal places. The Alter values can be used to increase, decrease, multiply or divide numbers by any value or percentage.

The Convert/Remove tab is designed for lists imported (or not) of numbers and text. All text can be removed from a mix of text and numbers, or all numbers removed from a mix text and numbers.

A common problem with numbers being imported is some programs (SAP for example) outputs negatives as 100- instead of -100. Excel will see these as text and not negative values. With the Number Management Add-in for Excel these can be corrected instantly with one click. Another common issue is dates being recognized as numbers by Excel such as 020607 (02/06/07) or 2607 (2/6/07). With the Number Management Add-in for Excel these can be converted as real dates that Excel does recognize. The Number Management Add-in for Excel consists of 3 main page tabs:
  • Format - includes Retain leading zeros; Show dollars and cents; Align all decimals; Have negatives in brackets; Hide negatives, positives, zeros, text, numbers, or all; Choose currency as format.
  • Change Value - includes Round up; Round down; Round to any specified number of decimal places; Increase; Decrease; Multiply; Divide.
  • Convert/Remove - includes Remove all text and leave only numbers; Remove all numbers and leave only text; Convert imported negatives to true negatives; Convert imported dates to true Excel dates.

The Number Management Add-in for Excel is also available in the following discounted bundled offers:

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Price: USD 29.95
(Updated on 2018-07-25)

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