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Directory Listing

Excel directory listing for time saving

Excel Directory Listing

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Excel Directory Listing examines specified directory paths to create listing of directory and files information in a simple structure. The directory listing results can be exported to Excel and a variety of other formats for further analysis and integration.

Directory listing recursion identifies and lists all child directories and files in a tree structure. Metadata of files listed can also be extracted to enable filtering and sorting of results in the final output.

Key features of Excel Directory Listing include:
  • Multiple approaches to launching the listing process include drag and drop from Windows Explorer, context menu option from Windows Explorer and explicit directory selection.
  • Unlimited sub-directory levels and files are looped and extracted with recursion. Optional recursion depth can also be set.
  • Listing extracts metadata including name, size, extension, file count, creation and modification dates.
  • Title text within document content is supported for PDF, Word and Excel files.
  • Extended metadata for media files is supported including dimensions, duration, format and bitrate.
  • Supports both connecting and disconnecting network drives.
  • Extracts file attributes such as Read Only, Hidden and System file types.
  • Calculates CRC32 checksums for files.
  • File and directory dates support all international data formats.
  • Filtering and sorting allows to sort by, exclude or include files and directories by criteria for any of the extracted attributes in the listing.
  • Output options include printing, Word, Excel, HTML, CSV, Text, XML or saving to the clipboard.

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(Updated on 2019-03-18)

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